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CAS Environmental Services has over 17 years experience and is your local, independent pest control business, provides pest control, pest management, pest prevention and protection for homes, commercial and industrial premises, food and catering businesses including pubs, restaurants, hotels etc in Liverpool, Southport, Wirral and surrounding areas.

Other Services

Japanese knotweed is any gardener’s nightmare. This destructive weed is native to Japan, China and Korea. Knotweed is easily spread as even transferring a small cutting from one area to another could result in a new outbreak. To eradicate the plant, the roots need to be killed. But this is no easy task and it is always worth calling in the experts to ensure a thorough job. If you have experienced Japanese knotweed, you will know that it can be very destructive. The aggressive plant can damage buildings and roads as well as looking unsightly. It is actually an offence to cause or allow to grow Japanese knotweed in the wild, so the answer is to remove and control it before it becomes a problem.

Landscape gardening and maintenance

The landscape maintenance work we carry out includes

•Grounds Maintenance
•Grass Mowing
•Herbicide Application
•Tree Maintenance

Commercial and Domestic fencing
We are able to undertake all types of domestic and garden fencing. We are professional fencing erectors and have experience in the fencing trade.

CAS are able to undertake most aspects of fencing such as feather / edge panels on concrete posts and concrete gravel boards, lap panels, palisade, steel palisade.

We also offer a full range of security fencing i.e.

•Palisade Fencing
•Trip rail

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